"start again..."

thing number 217 i should have known before i stupidly tried it:

when taking a shower that you hope will warm you up, make sure you have a towel within reach. the trip down a chilly, drafty hallway kiiiiinda negates any benefit conferred by a hot shower. *chatter*


micro-mini from before that i forgot to post, just to prove i AM keeping up:

"Sir. Sir!"

"Yes, Mgwehnawohk?"

"We're receiving transmissions from the planet, Sir."

"Well, let's see them." Iblandanish settled into the comfy chair to view the screen.

oh hai. we has bin wateing for U. we can has cheezburger an bukit? pls? kthxbye.

Everyone on the bridge looked at each other. Finally, Iblandanish asked, "Is it, ah, all like that?"

"Surely not. I'll try a different channel."

we hear you knos basement cat. bewear! dun worry we will gives yu noms. monorail cat leaves landing site at...

The captain reached over Mgwehnawohk's shoulder and turned off the feed with a quiet but determined click. "On second thought," he said, "let us not go to Earth. It is a very silly place."